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We are UK property Buyers and Direct Property Buyers

We have an network of active and cash ready property buyers who are looking to buy your property immediately. We can offer you solutions to your property sale using the two brilliant options for your property. Contact us immediately for a no obligation offer within 24 hours.

Option 1: Cash Offer

This UK Property Buyer Solution is as simple as it gets. We make you a cash offer with 24 hours. If you accept it…We will complete

Option 2: Delayed Sale Option

We will takeover your mortgage payment within 24 hours and purchase your home within 12-60 months. This is great for situations where you don't have enough equity or would like to obtain the maximum price for your property. Direct Property Buyer Solutions is here to craft the deal that benefits you!


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Get on the fast track to selling your property today. We are a UK property buyer looking to purchase homes in your area. Get an instant offer within 24 hours for your property.

Sell your Property FAST – Get your MORTGAGE Paid even faster! That’s right as a UK Property Buyer we will takeover your mortgage payment in some cases and it can happen within 24 hours or before your next payment is due. This is a perfect solution if you’re running low on liquid funds and you need assistance making an exit from your mortgage liability. Direct Property Buyer will take over that headache for you along with your insurance and other legal fees associated with your transaction.


We Solve Your Property Issues Using 2 Simple OPTIONS

Option 1: We Can provide you with a Cash Offer

Option 2: We take over your Mortgage Payment within 24 hours and Buy your House at Late Date with 12 – 60 Months

Are you TIRED of the following:

Timewasters and Unqualified Buyers?
Estate Agents that take instructions but can’t sell?
Buyers that take weeks and months to complete?
Paying for Mortgage Payments when you want out?
Dealing with a vacant property that maybe vandalised or broken into by squatters?
Sleepless nights worrying about the sale of your property?
Want a solution to your property problem today?


The Process is Simple and to the Point

Step One:     Complete the online 'Instant Offer' Form. Click here to access it

Step Two:       We call you for a No-Obligation chat to understand your circumstances

Step Three:   We Visit Your House And determine if we are able to offer A Cash Price or Purchase Terms

Step Four:       Direct Property Buyer will Place An Offer To You Within 24 Hours

CLICK FOR INSTANT OFFERWe Will Provide you with a Cash Offer or Delayed Sale Offer for Your Property

Once you’ve agreed to the solution that best fits your needs Direct Property Buyer will take possession of the property immediately for you and secure it from vandals and squatters.  All maintenance and security of the property will be handled by us. Your mortgage payments will be paid paid as agreed with your lender and or we will request a payoff and cash out your lender in most cases.  We as a UK Property Buyer solve your property problems within 24 hours and provide you with peace of mind with no hassles so you can move on with your life.

Our skilled and loyal staff is standing by waiting to take your information and get you on your way to receiving a cash offer ASAP. UK Property Buyer / Direct Property Buyer.

Tel: 0845 056 9794